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Nice job Matt Here are my thoughts on it: Anytime you see machining marks, I tend to leave these alone, I only do a minimum sanding with or so grit. My reasoning is that, there is NO way we could do a “flatter” job with whatever we got than the surface left by machining equipment. Also these marks are part of the artifact’s history yes, I’ve been watching Warehouse 13 :- The screw threads filled are probably as you said, to reduce friction, minimize erosion that could be caused by the slot of the blade assembly rubbing on threads. Very small and sloooow damages without it. If you noticed, these original screws had the top portion of that screw shank threadless. So yours is a replacement. The MM markings on the frog holding screws are probably as an aid to gauge how much movement you get moving the frog front and back. I would not had made such a big back bevel, although I know, sometimes it is almost inevitable In which cases, i turned them into cambered blades for scrubbing worse case or just relieving the corners for smoothing Again, judging by the results, great job That’s were it mattered Bob, whose IPad is doing all kind of strange things on its own

How to Determine the Age of a Stanley Plane

Click on a Type Type 1. Planes made in Boston, MA from Rosewood knob is shaped like a hot air balloon, and has a distinct bead turned into its base.

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Have you tried to get on the email listing from Patrick Leach at Superior Tool? He puts out a listing of tools around the first monday of each month. As for eBay, I haven’t had any good experiences with it and I tend to avoid it and look else where. Ciao Ralph, I bought from ebay around the world more than two hundred woodworking tools mostly planes and only 4 or 5 times I had not good experiences with it. It seems to me an acceptable risk percentage.

Of course you have to do some restoring job, but I think it is instructive for understand well these tools.

Stanley plane dating flawchart

Rare Ohio tool Co. Siegely No. Stanley 4 Square Jack Plane, c. Free shipping.

Stanley planes are dated using the “Plane Dating Flowchart” at the Hyperkitten website. You shoul d expect the plane to require the usual cleaning and tuning.

By Chewie17 , April 28, in Hand Tools. Just picked up an old hand plane from a local general store. I tried to date it myself with the help of the Internet and came out with a however there are some features that don’t match. Your pictures make it kinda hard to tell but based on what I can see this plane was made between and I have a very very similar possibly identical number 4 hand plane.

They are not really worth much in the way of money to a collector being very numerous. But its an absolutely fantastic user. I love mine and its probably my go to plane for most flattening operations as its easier to use then a number 5 being smaller but otherwise does a similar activity. I used that same chart and the made in the USA threw me a little. I thought it was the type 17?

But I don’t care what it would cost as a collectors plane. I just thought it would be cool to know the history of it. Generally the Stanley planes made during the war years didn’t have a brass knob, they were some hard black material, and for the life of me as old as I am, I can’t remember what that material is! So it is definitely pre !

How to accurately date a hand plane?

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M ratings. Download. Manly Things, Woodworking Tools, Planes, Dating, Type. Saved from Plane Dating Flowchart. More information.

I have edited the study considerably to the key distinguishing points in order to have an at-a-glance table. I have found that this generally provides enough information to get started when dating bench planes. Please note that all type studies are approximate as production variations throughout the manufacturing years were quite common. Understand that neither Stanley nor any other manufacturer followed type studies.

In fact, it is only in the last 30 years or so that type studies have been assembled through historical research and the physical inspection of hundreds or thousands of tools made over the years. I have a rather odd plane I sort of inherited when I bought an old house. Neither the frog nor the adjusting nut have any markings or information. Like Like. Send some good detailed photos to vatoolworks gmail. What you have is a c. It appears to have possibly been shortened perhaps due to a break and the lever cap is a likely home-made replacement.

Certainly the bolt is not original. Raised ring under the knob, black japanning.

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Antique hand tools are all around us, but are often difficult to find as many of the collections and sources are held by those that are not online or use word of mouth to find them. This page will hopefully show how close many of these sources are and help people find old and neglected hand tools. There are new pins and locations being added all the time.

If you have any you wish to add please let me know.

Getting started: Ever wanna date Stanley planes without having to serve time in the big house for trumped up charges of rhynkenological abuse? Well, read on.

I am a Newby here, this is my first post 2. I have been around wood and tools all my life, was a union carpenter for 15 years before I started into supervision, administration and ownership of a commercial building company, but only started to get more serious about wood work since I retired 7 years ago. I have recently become interested in developing a small collection of good working bench planes, specifically 4, 5 and 7; in that endeavor I have purchased through EBay enough full planes and parts to realize that basic collection and I have tuned, lapped, cleaned and sharpened them into a very usable part of my wood working arsenal.

During the collecting process I found myself with a Stanley No7C in very good shape by accident as I had been concentrating on smooth bottom planes, and assumed shame on me with lack of nomenclature in either direction, the seller knew enough about Stanley planes that she would have called a corrugated bottom No7 plane a No7C. I was wrong her photos did not include the sole of the plane – again, shame on me I have been cleaning the plane up and at this juncture I’m thinking I’ll re-list it on EBay when I’m done.

In that regard, I would like to be able to accurately state the era of the plane, but after having read all the data I can find on the internet about dating Stanley planes, this particular No7C simply crosses too many of the time line descriptions for me to feel any sort of confidence in determining which type this plane is and thus when it was manufactured. I am sincerely hoping somebody here will see this post who has more understanding about dating planes than I have been able to develop, and will be willing to give me a hand identifying it.

There is a photo of the body of the plane attached, if I have done it correctly Thank you in advance, all suggestions warmly welcomed, John. It’s newer than type The Y shaped frog bed came out after WW The rest of the planes parts would help narrow it down. If you’re selling it just take good photos and let the buyer decide how old it is.

Hyperkitten plane dating

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I just recently came across ‘s Stanley plane dating flowchart and it is clearly a Type After a little research, I’ve mainly seen it referred to the.

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